Must have Farming Tools

Automation will save you time a money!

When you start your farming journey, nothing will save you time and money more that automating and mechanising your farm, no matter how small. Here are some tools I have found invaluable in my journey of farming.

Tractors are an essential part of farming and can make work easier. They are used to till the land, ridging the soil, planting crops and moving produce from one place to another. It will also come in handy in ways you can never imagine, we have regulary have had to use our tractor to rescue cars stuck on the muddy dust roads during the rainy season.

The hand tiller is a great tool for small spaces. It can work in areas that are too narrow for a tractor to get into. This is a great tool for small farms and gardens. It can be used to do the same job that a hoe would do on any size of farm, but it does so much more efficiently as 1 person can do the job of 20. Most hand tillers have multiple attachments that can be connected and used including water pumps, lawn mowers, trailers, riggers, ploughs and lots more!

Seed drills are a type of farm equipment that is used for planting seeds. There are two types of seed drills, manual and automatic. Manual seed drills can be used with tractors and they save time as they plant the seeds in even spacing. They also save labour as they are not required to do any manual labour while planting.

Battery powered knapsacks can be a life and money saver! The main advantages of this device is that it can reduce the amount of human labour required for spraying and save energy, pumping those manual knapsacks can be tiring. It’s more precise and gives equal distribution to your crops.

As the population grows, food production needs to grow as well. This is where automation comes into play - it provides solutions to problems like limited land and labour shortages. Mechanisation helps solve these problems by reducing the need for manual labour, which means that more people can be employed elsewhere in the farm.

Nomaliso Muasiwa
Award Winning Farmer & Agri-prenuer